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domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

contactjuggling.org - Follow The Leader competition 2011 - round 7

1. Claw Iso
2. B2B transfer into Claw iso in other hand
3. finger roll / squeeze up / 2 handed isolation Combo in BOTH directions (BOB)
4. X'ed up finger rolls
5. Butterfly Curls
6. Prayer easy variation to Prayer Stall
7. Baby Folding Line
8. 'Punch Stall'

As said on .org:

well, my baby folding lines are not perfect yet, and I know that I still have to work on some things...
But I see that I improved a lot since we started the contest, so I want to thank .org and all the people in his thread!
Thank you guys!

Recorded something today, a little noisy cause it's raining a lot. but I hope you like it, I don't know the name of the trick so I called it "Punch Stall", I've used 3 stal points with closed hand.

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